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After a serious health event that requires hospitalization, many people will need rehabilitation services, such as qualified physician, physical therapy, speech therapy or nursing care until they are fully recuperated. Pevner Primary Care is dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare that’s convenient for you. We welcome new patients and most major insurance plans.

When a patient visits an emergency room (ER) for treatment of an injury or illness, follow up care is often recommended. Unfortunately, many patients who use the ER for such visits do so because they do not have an established primary care physician. A recent study found that patients who do try to follow up their ER visit with a primary care physician may not be able to get a timely

Timely outpatient follow-up has been promoted as a key strategy to reduce hospital readmissions. Guidance is needed to identify the optimal timing of hospital follow-up for patients with conditions of varying complexity.

There is growing evidence that when a patient with a chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart failure or emphysema sees their family doctor or specialist within 30 days of their ER discharge, the risk of death or hospitalization is significantly reduced. Such patients are often safe to discharge after an ER assessment, but prompt follow-up is virtually always recommended because they often need more tests and ongoing management of the chronic illness to avoid getting sicker, even with good care in the ER. Call Pevner Primary Care today (954) 436-5565 or book your appointment online.

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